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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Bethel Park, PA -- The Motorsports Council of Pennsylvania (MCP) has been organized to advance all forms of racing across the state. The Motorsports Council will serve as the voice for racing in Pennsylvania.

With an emphasis on grassroots racing, MCP will support racing with advocacy, education and promotion. An initial priority of the MCP is to highlight the economic benefits racing brings to the state, especially in many rural areas of the Commonwealth.

“We have been successful over the past few years working with state legislators and local officials which has resulted in racing being permitted in Pennsylvania during COVID-19. An important next step is to create the Motorsports Council”, stated promoter Alan Kreitzer, a founding member of MCP.

The MCP has already begun identifying funding and tax relief from COVID-19 to support Motorsports tracks, small businesses and other related organizations.

“Racing has been impacted by the virus and is seeking support from the federal, state, and local Government”, added Kreitzer.

Long-term goals of MCP include:

  • Promoting the many economic and community benefits of racing.

  • Enlisting more public support of grassroots motorsports.

  • Establishing permanent relationships between Motorsports and Government Officials.

“As Chairman of the Pennsylvania Motorsports Caucus I welcome more input from the racing community”, stated Representative David Maloney (R-Berks). “Pennsylvania has approximately one hundred motorsports facilities and many more businesses which rely on the racing Industry for revenue.”

“I have enjoyed working with motorsports industry leaders over the past few years. The Motorsports Council is an excellent idea to support racing.”

MCP will be hosting an introductory information call for motorsports organizations Wednesday October 7th at 4:00pm EST. All tracks, businesses, and vendors are encouraged to participate in this call. Visit: for call information.

For more information on how you can be involved, please go to or contact Robert Johnson, MCP Managing Director, at

ph: 412-848-5900

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