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Motorsports Council of PA (MCP) Announces Completion of Statewide Motorsports Economic Report

Report Titled ‘Winning for Pennsylvania’ Shows Major Benefits From Motorsports Across the State

Tuesday May, 11, 2021

Pittsburgh, PA -- The Motorsports Council of Pennsylvania (MCP) announced today the first ever statewide study of the economic benefits of Motorsports has been finalized. The organization commissioned the study in 2020 and spent several months collecting detailed data from racetracks, teams, businesses, and fans across all forms and levels of the racing industry.

Data analysis and economic modeling was led by Washington & Jefferson Economics Department Professors, Robert Dunn, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Economics, and Leslie Dunn Ph.D. Associate Professor of Economics. Additional contributors included the PA Center for Rural Research and the United States Motorsports Association (USMA). The results of this study are impressive, clearly showing Pennsylvania Motorsports is a unique and valuable partner to the local, regional, and state economy.

Highlights of the report exhibit:

  • Motorsports has a $2.4 billion dollar economic impact in Pennsylvania.

  • Three-Million fans attend Motorsports events across the state annually, contributing nearly 1.5 Billion in additional spending. In several measures, these numbers rival and even exceed major league sports such as the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers and MLB’s Philadelphia Phillies.

  • 5000+ Race Teams are operating throughout Pennsylvania generating hundreds of millions to the PA economy each year.

  • Hundreds of racing related businesses located in Pennsylvania positively impact nearly 40 different industries outside of Motorsports.

  • There are over 21,000 jobs creating over $800-Million in earnings as a result of PA Racing tracks, teams, and affiliated businesses.

The report highlights how a large portion of the above economic impacts benefit rural communities. There are more than 100 racing related facilities in the State and many are located in rural areas. On average, racing facilities are contributing a range of $7MIL to $30MIL annually depending on their size and attendance. Without Motorsports these rural communities may not have other sources to attract such economic benefits.

“We are now actively distributing highlights of this report to public officials, economic development officers, and community leaders to demonstrate the many benefits Motorsports brings to Pennsylvania,” stated Robert Johnson, Executive Director of the Motorsports Council of Pennsylvania. “This report will be utilized by MCP Members to further advance their relationships with local/state officials, seek grant opportunities, and even attract new corporate sponsors to racing.”

For additional information regarding the PA Report contact Robert Johnson at #412-848-5900 or

About the Motorsports Council of Pennsylvania (MCP)

The MCP is a nonprofit corporation in Pennsylvania that supports all forms of racing across the state through advocacy, marketing, and education. We promote the many benefits of grassroots racing with public officials and community leaders.

About Lead Analysts at Washington and Jefferson (W&J) College

The Economics program of the Department of Economics & Business provides students with the opportunity to develop a strong foundation in economic theory and the analytical tools that will allow them to think critically about complex economic and social issues on both a domestic and global scale.

About the United States Motorsports Association (USMA)

The United States Motorsports Association works to educate the public about the benefits of the Racing Industry and build relationships between the racing community and government. Our focus is to provide tools and resources that support the advancement of all forms of competitive racing across America.


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