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Early Estimates Place Pennsylvania over 1-Billion in Economic Impacts from Motorsports

Motorsports Council of Pennsylvania Nears Completion of State-Wide Study; Early Estimates Could Place PA over 1-Billion in Economic Impacts from Motorsports

The Motorsports Council of PA (MCP) has been conducting a state-wide research effort in partnership with Washington & Jefferson College. The study is looking into all aspects of motorsports economic activity across the commonwealth.

Mountains of data have been collected from racetracks, race teams, vendors, businesses, and suppliers currently being evaluated and contacted. Early estimates are indicating impacts could exceed $1 Billion.

A previous study by the MCP and US Motorsports Association (USMA) ranked Pennsylvania as the fourth largest racing state in the nation with over 100 motorsports-related facilities.

The current project is analyzing much more about motorsports in Pennsylvania taking a much-needed deeper dive into tracks, teams, and related business impacts.

Phase 1 of the completed study is expected to be available to MCP members by May of 2021.

For more information regarding the PA study contact:

Robert Johnson - or call: (412) 848-5900


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